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Yamamoto Pharmaceutical 100% Young Barley Grass Powder 3g*44bags

Yamamoto Pharmaceutical 100% Young Barley Grass Powder 3g*44bags

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Young Barley Grass Powder is a highly alkaline natural health food that balances the six basic nutrients and dozens of trace elements needed by the human body.

It contains a lot of dietary fiber, so that it can clear the intestines, improve constipation, and resist radiation.

For a period of time, the person who used it will feel refreshed.Young Barley Grass Powder can also improve skin allergies and acne muscles.


1 Let the body become alkaline - health

Mineral alkaline ions - improve acidity,Young Barley Grass Powder have a basicity of 66.5,

known as a highly alkaline food, it can neutralize acidic toxins in the body, balance acid and alkali, and improve acidity.

2 Help slimming down

High quality plant protein - metabolism: rich in natural amino acids, containing about 30% protein,more than all vegetables, and its protein is a small molecular structure,

unlike macromolecules such as milk and meat,

better for the body to absorb and prevent excess fat accumulation.

3 Improve constipation weapon

High dietary fiber content - fast bowel: Young Barley Grass Powder are rich in about 45% of natural dietary fiber,

it has water-swelling, increasing the amount of stool, stimulating the intestinal wall, adsorbing cholesterol, bile acid and other toxic substances, also promoting excretion.

4 Japanese local cultivation

Does not apply any chemicals, without any additives, the raw materials only choose barley that grow to 20-30 cm seedlings,because of the seedlings contain a variety of nutrients.

5 Clean up the intestinal waste

Active enzymes - anti-free radicals:Young Barley Grass Powder contain hundreds of active enzymes.

Among them, SOD is regarded as an enzyme with super magical power in life sciences, and a garbage scavenger in the human body.

6 Children can not resist the green nutrition

For the children who don’t like to eat vegetables, moms are also hurting their brains:

moms can mix barley leaves in juice, milk or cake snacks,

not only delicious but also nutritious, it is easy to extract the nutrients.

Suitable for the crowd

1 The body is acidic, it should balance the body's pH value, neutralize the body of acidic toxins;easy to fat, not much to eat but easy to get fat.

2 Dissatisfied with the body who hope that 100% healthy and steady weight loss, refused medicine and in no hurry to lose weight.

3 Prone to acne, freckles, poor skin condition.

4 People who are taking diet pills and want to reduce side effects.

5 People have higher requirements for themselves who want better body, better skin and good health.

6 People who are not getting enough fresh vegetables every day.

7 People who often eat fast food.

8 People who poor sleep, lack of energy, and often feel tired.

9 People who weak, anemia but wish to supplement natural vitamins.

10 Osteoporosis and need to supplement calcium, potassium and other minerals.

11 People with too much toxins in the body due to improper diet and living habits.

12 People who are losing weight and need a balanced diet.

13 Excessive alcohol and tobacco, but hope to improve the health.

14 People with too much stomach acid, poor stomach or constipation.

15 People who hope to reduce the side effects of medicine on the body.


1 1 pack of 100 ~ 200cc of water can be brewed (can also be used with a small amount of hot water, it is easier to melt).

2 Can be brewed directly into the hot water.

3 Add milk and soy milk, apple juice, lemon juice, banana juice, honey, etc.

Since many active ingredients contained in the product will reduce the effect due to heating, it is recommended to use a warm boil water of 50 ° C or less.

Suitable for men, women and children, no special restrictions.

It can be supplemented daily as a natural nutrient.

It can be used during pregnancy and physiological period.


1 Do not place it near fire sources, or in places exposed to high temperatures, humidity.

2 Please finish eating within the warranty period.

3 Please eat immediately after opening.

4 This product is not a substitute for drugs. Taking this product in large quantities does not cure the disease or enhance the health.Please do not take too much.

5 If you feel unwell, stop taking it immediately.

6 This product uses natural materials, color, flavor may change, but does not affect product quality.

7 Keep it out of reach of young children.

8 Life should be based on staple food, main course and side dishes, and pay attention to balanced diet.



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